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131994_10150101041402959_998496_oBill & Lisa Moormann
Pastor; Music Ministries & RN at Legacy Emmanuel Hospital.

Bill, his wife Lisa have been attending Lynwood since 1998. They have three children, Lexie, Luke and Rachel. Prior to Lynwood, Bill served in youth ministry for a number of years and received his undergraduate degree in Religion and some psychology at Columbia University (NYC), and Seminary MDiv at Azusa Pacific (Azusa, CA). “My role as Pastor basically means I talk, read, and write.  Of those, talking is one of my favorite, and there is little I enjoy more than getting a cup of coffee with someone and talk about big things. My passion is to help people take a step of faith.  It matters not to me if it is someone who is not interested in God now taking interest, or someone who has been trying to follow Christ for years doing something that requires a new amount or type of faith. I sense God in those encounters and love to have a front row seat to what he is doing in the lives of people.” Bill loves games, stories, and coming up with solutions for the World’s problems. Mainly he prefers to be a little knowledgeable about lots of things instead of an expert over one thing.

11402688_754953366224_1565898642866879449_oHaley and Matt Krueger
Youth Pastor; Facilities Team Clerk

Haley started attending Lynwood in 2008 , and has served as both the Office Administrator and Youth Pastor since then. She received her Bachelors in Psychology at George Fox University, and has had seven years of involvement with youth, doing everything from counseling to teaching to directing. She also currently serves on the board of Youth and Young Adults for Northwest Yearly Meeting, as well as the director for Surfside – a camp for senior high students held at Twin Rocks Friends Camp. “I’m passionate about giving youth an opportunity to be heard, to ask them challenging questions, and to help them explore the ways in which God is moving in their lives.” Haley and Matt are happily married with their son Russell, who was born in February, 2015. Besides family, activities that give her life include tending to her chickens, gardening, and doing DIY projects ranging from making homemade cleaning products to sewing bow ties for her son.

IMG_7927Joe and Katie Krueger
Elder; Preschool Teacher & Music Ministries

Katie has served Lynwood for a number of years, using her passions for teaching and music to serve with the worship team and as head of Adventure Friends Preschool. “Being involved with teaching children’s singing and performance skills gives me great pleasure as well.” Katie received her Bachelors and Masters of Education from Concordia University. She is terrified of spiders, considers herself a chocoholic, and really enjoys having adventures with her kids. Their three children, Samuel, Owen, and Sayla, can be seeing running around on any given Sunday.